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Blood test Laval

The Blood Test Laval website provides information on a medical test service and on other medical sampling operations performed at one’s workplace or home 7 daysper week. The goal of this site is to inform the public about various laboratory tests that are carried out by blood sampling, urine culture, feces culture and other medical sampling operations.

The Quebecer Private Care Company, corresponding to the Blood Test Laval website, is specialized in blood sampling and in other specific laboratory tests. Even though it caters to the Laval region, the company is not restricted thereto, thus offering its mobile blood sampling services to the Montreal and Longueuil regions, to the entire North Shore and South Shore regions of Montreal, as well.

Before contacting this company it is important to have a medical prescription with you.


In order to undergo blood sampling and other medical tests you must have a medical prescription, which will be asked for prior any medical services being rendered. This medical prescription will help you advance with the process and have the blood samples analyzed by a medical laboratory certified in Quebec, which complies with the effective health standards.

This medical document (that prescribes medical tests) is to be issued by a professional certified to issue prescriptions or by a physician, as it is a professional commitment towards the patient.

All health facilities, such as the Quebec hospitals, the Community Services Local Centers and the private medical laboratories have the obligation of receiving medical prescriptions for processing and analyzing the laboratory medical samples.

All the medical prescriptions issued by physicians duly authorized for Quebec are accepted by the health facilities. You are free to choose your own medical laboratory in order to obtain blood samples, urine tests or other biological examinations.

When ready to proceed to blood sampling or other biological sampling operations, submit the medical prescription to the health professional, which will verify in turn, the tests that will have been prescribed by your physician.

According to the various tests required, the nurses will choose the tubes needed for venipunctures. There is a certain order for blood tubes that needs to be maintained in order to deliver accurate and quality results and that takes into account the pre-testing stages.

It is important to have a sufficient amount of blood in the tubes, to perform slow inversions and to meet the blood sample transport and conservation conditions.

The medical test results are mandatorily sent to the prescribing physician and, in most of cases, the patients may be handed a copy as well.

Please note that the physician remains the person competent to interprete the laboratory test results and to act accordingly.


The private medical laboratory that analyzes the samples taken provides a wide range of medical tests complying with the first rate quality standards in the field. Our medical sampling and blood testing mobile service is responsible for taking the samples to its certified and accredited partner medical laboratory. Given that state-of-the-art pieces of equipment and measuring instruments are used, rest assured that you will get accurate results subject to the required reference values.

Our blood sampling and medical testing service rendered at one’s workplace or home enables you to have more than 2000 diagnosis tests, the advantage indisputably lying in the fact that all the medical tests can be carried out in the comfort of your residence or workplace with no additional costs. The expenses required are indeed the standard price rates for the laboratory tests carried out in a Quebec-based private medical laboratory.

The medical laboratory with which the company behind the website works is highly experienced and in the position of providing its customers with accurate results while meeting very high quality standards. It is associated to a multi-national company called Roche Diagnostics, which covers part of the laboratory tests.

Apart from issuing the results quickly, this laboratory is well-renowned thanks to its highly qualified interdisciplinary team. Being certified, it has 4 licenses: one issued by the Quebec Public Health Laboratory, an accreditation from the part of the College of American Pathologists (C.A.P), a certification from the Clinical Laboratory Improvements (CLIA), as well as a license issued by the New York State Department of Health’s laboratory.

Operating 24hrs a day, all the samples are taken rapidly, depending on the blood or other medical samples taken, in order to provide you with results within 24 to 48 hours, unless otherwise stated. Please note that the results may also be issued in 4 hours’ time (STAT) in case of any emergency test required.


Our company cover blood sampling and medical examinations at home, at one’s workplace or anywhere else agreed upon by both parties. Being a mobile medical laboratory, it accepts and processes all the medical prescriptions coming from health institutions or facilities in Quebec and it wishes to be the leader in the field of private blood sampling and medical tests performed at home in this province.

The costs incurred for testing the laboratory samples are refundable by most private insurance plans in Quebec. The price depends on the tests prescribed by your physician, but no travel expenses are charged for our services.

In order to determine the amount you will be refunded for your prescribed blood count or specific tests you should contact your private insurer. They should be able to tell you the refundable percentage points for your blood samples and medical tests carried out by a private medical laboratory.

Afterwards you may want to contact our customer service agents, who will take pleasure in answering your questions and, in case of need, in setting up an appointment for you within 24 hours. You can contact the mobile blood sampling clinic via the form on this website and expect a call back within less than one hour.